how drones date online part 3

Drones date online in this way. They log on to the online dating site for drones. They get an account, and fill out a profile. Then the collection of data can begin. Drones watch each other, as they watch each other watching each other. Drones are always collecting data, and this is a fundamental aspect of their dating process. Who can say what it is the drones see in each other. We think they are long, gangly, faceless things, with hardly any variation to think of other than their inexpressive model numbers. Sometimes it is hard to say if they are dating at all, other than that they are on a dating site and so we call what they do dating. They might just be friends, or it might be a series of one-night stands, irresponsible decisions, and lapses into the base satisfaction of desires. Is this dating? It certainly doesn’t seem to be a path towards a stable relationship. What we do know, is that from this process of online dating, sooner or later the drones end up fucking.
zabawki dla 3 latków

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