how drones date online part 5

Drones date, drones fuck, drones separate without needing to break up, drones have varying qualities of sexual encounter, drones wonder if they are doing things the right way for a drone of their age, socio-economic class, and decade, without formulating any particular philosophies of life or making any substantial changes. Drones talk about it, drones write about it, drones watch TV shows about it. Drones get asked by their family about it, and drones tell a little, or maybe tell a lot, but either way drones don’t really seem to talk about it in a way that fully explains it. Drones get drunk, they talk about dating with their friends that are drunk. Drones express their true ideas about dating, why they do it, what they think it means. Drones throw a bottle in the street, smoke the last of their cigarettes, break into an abandoned building and stand on the roof. But when drones wake up, it is only a matter of time before they go on a date again. We humans look at this data, as if we could understand any of it, and then we just move on. Humans have pastimes too.

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